Home & Building Inspection Process


The first thing to do is either request an online quote or contact our office by telephone at (631) 275 – 8080. During the phone conversation we will discuss the subject property (the house or building you would like us to perform an inspection on), and the time frame within which you would like to have the inspection completed. (We try to accommodate short time frames given current market conditions.)

We will agree on the home inspection services to be provided, a time frame for the home inspection and the inspection fee. You will be given a password which will enable you to download and print 2 copies of what is called a “Pre-Inspection Agreement“. The agreement explains in detail what home inspection services will be provided along with other terms and conditions of the inspection. This is an industry standard agreement.
Assuming you are OK with the terms and conditions of the agreement, we ask that you fill in the few blanks in the agreement (on both copies) and bring it with you to the inspection. Before the inspection starts, we will sign off on the agreement and we will each have an original copy. (Doing the paperwork in advance speeds up the home inspection process when we do the actual inspection.


The goal of the Safe Harbor Inspections is to enable you to learn in detail what you’re planning on buying. We will go through the yard, driveway, the entire exterior and interior of the home together, and we will each see all of the good points and bad points of the home. This will be a friendly, pleasant and a very interactive experience (and usually fun, believe it or not).

As we proceed through the inspection, you will be able to ask any and as many questions as you want, and go over all of the details. The inspection usually takes from two and a half to 4 hours at the home (as long as needed). This is an extremely thorough process and my goal


Before, during, and after the home inspection, you are our client- and your Safe Harbor inspector only work for you. We do not work for any of the real estate agents, the sellers or the attorneys. We are you’re “go-to-person” during the entire process. Our duty and entire allegiance is to you as our client.


During the home inspection, we take many digital photos (usually between 50 and 100). These photos are included in your report, along with a comment for each photo explaining in a plain and easy to understand format:

1) What the issue is

2) What should be done about the issue

3) What will likely occur if you do nothing about the issue.

We also take “before photos” of the exterior of the home and all the rooms in the home for your future reference.