Long Island & New York Property Inspections

Why should you choose Safe Harbor Inspections Inc.?

Safe Harbor provides the highest quality service you can find for Long Island & New York property inspections

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High Quality Photographic Report within 24 Hours
Most Thorough Inspections Available
Every Concern Documented With At Least One Photo
Email & Text Reminders For Your Inspection Appointment
50% of Our Business Comes From Past Customer Referrals
Over 18,000 Inspections Performed

Safe Harbor Inspections Inc. is dedicated solely to being the best building inspectors and providing the best Long Island & New York property inspections the area has to offer.

We are a full-service Long Island & New York inspection company focusing on high-quality residential home inspection services and commercial property inspections with state-of-the-art photographic reports.

This report is available shortly after the inspection on a secure website for your viewing 24 hours a day seven days a week from anywhere in the world and will remain there indefinitely.


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We encourage our clients to accompany their inspector during the inspection service because our goal is to enable you to truly understand the inspection findings. We want you to know more about that real estate than anyone else. We accomplish this in 3 ways:

1. First hand during the inspection: You join the inspector during the actual inspection and see things firsthand (along with explanations from the inspector). We take photos of all issues.

2. Verbal Summary with photo review: At the end of the inspection we will load all of the photos we have taken during the inspection into the laptop computer (right there at the inspection) and review them with you. This serves as a great summary for all present and is unique to Safe Harbor Inspections Inc. According to NY State home inspection law, the findings of the inspection are your confidential property. However, our clients often want us to share this information with the agents and the Seller for negotiating purposes.

3. The Inspection Report: all of the photos will be in the report along with concise explanations. This gives you a third look at the findings of the inspection. Our report is designed to be easy to understand and fast to read (the photos really help!)

Our Mission

  • Create such positive relationships and make our clients so happy with our services that they will want to refer Safe Harbor Inspections Inc. to their friends and family.
  • Provide the best property inspections and inspection reports for Long Island & New York.
  • Use the highest level of technology available to provide timely, easily accessible and accurate information to our clients.
  • Put our inspection findings in the proper context through thoughtful and concise explanations and reports.
  • Continue our reputation for responsiveness, reliability, and honesty in all of our dealings with clients, associates, other professionals, and the general public.


A good home inspector is certified by a reputable association for example ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors). In some cases, the home inspection company is affiliated with other associations as well. James Ruppert and Safe Harbor Inspections Inc. are certified by several institutions.

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