Seller’s Home Inspection

Sometimes transactions get derailed after the buyers inspection because something is discovered that scares the buyer but often the defect can be cured fairly easily before the house is put on the market with a sellers home inspection.

For example: the buyers inspector identifies asbestos insulation around the heating pipes in the basement. The buyer has young children and is very concerned about environmental conditions in the home. The buyer decides against purchasing the home because of the asbestos. Had there been a sellers home inspection, the inspector would have identified the asbestos insulation and the seller could have had it removed before putting the house on the market. In effect, saving the transaction before it was even in jeopardy.

Another example: the buyers inspector discovers and inground oil tank that is over 60 years old. The buyers attorney demands a soil test before he allows his client to proceed with the transaction. The seller does not agree to a soil test and the transaction is derailed. Had there been a sellers home inspection, the oil tank could have been properly abandoned and a new tank could have been installed, thereby avoiding the whole problem even before the house was put on the market.

Moral of the story? The sellers inspection provides the seller and the sellers real estate agent with very valuable information that may result in taking care of certain defects even before the house is put on the market. The cost of a sellers inspection is totally insignificant relative to avoiding a snag in the transaction!
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