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Are aluminum wires covered with copper safe?

Sometimes during our home inspections, we come across a wiring product called Copper-Clad aluminum wire. The core of the wire is made of aluminum, but the exterior of the wire is clad in copper. Is it safe even though it’s aluminum? Yes, it is safe and approved without modification. Because the wires are clad in copper, corrosion and oxidation do not occur like they do in typical aluminum wires. (It’s the corrosion and oxidation that causes aluminum wires to overheat).

If you are told that you have aluminum wires, they may be correct, but they may be leaving out a very important piece of information, which is, are they copper-clad. Again, copper-clad aluminum wires are safe.

If someone, (for instance an inexperienced inspector) tells you that you’re dealing with aluminum wires, ask the question, are they clad in copper? If they are clad in copper, you can save the expense of having the wires in the house modified or replaced.

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