Are Dehumidifiers worth it?

I wanted to share my opinion with you about dehumidifiers. Basically, we feel that all basements should have dehumidifiers. Basements are inherently moist areas. As a result, mold, dust mites, wood destroying insects, and musty smells can develop.

We also feel that all dehumidifiers should have a pump and hose connection so that the water automatically gets pumped out of the structure rather than into a bucket that requires frequent emptying. (Dehumidifiers with a bucket are almost useless because we forget to empty the bucket and the dehumidifier turns itself off.)

Also, dehumidifiers can be adjusted so that they automatically turn off when the air is dry (so they don’t waste electricity). The adjustment dial is called a humidistat and should be set between 30% and 50% to reduce the possibility of excess moisture issues.

So, the bottom line is, properly set up dehumidifiers are absolutely worth it for the comfort and safety of your home. A good dehumidifier with a pump can be had for under $300 and it’s a great investment.

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