Heat Pump

Are heat pumps any good?

Yes, heat pumps are good. These days, heat pumps offer a high efficiency alternative approach to oil or gas heat. Due to refinement in heat pump technology, they can now operate when the exterior temperature is as Low as -15°F. That’s right, 15 below zero. Just a few years ago, heat pumps did not work when exterior temperatures were below 50°. But, as exterior temperatures drop, so does the efficiency of the heat pump. However, overall costs for the operation of heat pump may be more economical than other types of systems due to their overall efficiency.

A heat pump looks just like a conventional air conditioning compressor on the exterior of the structure. In the summer, they operate just like an air conditioning unit. However, in the winter, heat pumps have the ability to “reverse flow” and deliver heat to the interior of the structure. Heat pumps are also very efficient.

If you already have a good quality duct work system for your air conditioning, retrofitting to a heat pump system is relatively easy project. So you will have cool air coming out of your air conditioning ducts in the summer and warm air coming out of the same ducts in the winter.

The answer is yes. The new generation of heat pumps offer a good approach to heating and cooling your home. If you’re interested in learning more about heat pumps, consider having a heating/cooling contractor evaluate your current system and provide you with various alternative approaches along with costs. High-efficiency gas boilers are also great alternatives.

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