Septic and Waste Systems

Did you know that on Long Island, many areas have coastal and groundwater pollution, which is leading to strict laws pertaining to septic and waste

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Blog, Heating

What does Hydronic Heating mean?

Hydronic heating means water-based heating. The most common type of hydronic system utilizes a boiler to make the water hot, a pump, and pipes to

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Blog, Home Maintenance

Late Fall Comfort Bucket List for the Season

I was going to write a technical newsletter about cleaning your gutters, replacing your air filter, etc. But I decided to list some comfort to-dues

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Blog, Lighting

Countertop Lighting

These days, it’s pretty easy to light-up your countertops.  LEDs now come built into a “tape,” which can be applied to the underside of the

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Blog, Energy Efficiency

Is your water bill too high?

Like everything else, the cost of water has gone up over the last several years. I’m always surprised at how much water costs when I open the bill.

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It’s Fall! Time for heating system maintenance

Heating systems get neglected because it’s one of those “out of sight, out of mind” things. Proper maintenance can make a difference in the

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Blog, Heating and Cooling

Two Main Benefits of Air Conditioning

Most people think of cooling when it comes to air conditioners. But the other main benefit of air conditioning is dehumidification. Air conditioning

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Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

The material used for kitchen and bath countertops can impact the home’s value. For example, some people consider laminate (Formica) inferior,

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Blog, Electrical

What is the third prong on my extension cord?

That third prong on your extension cord plug (and appliance cords), enables electricity to flow through the circuit and then, literally, into the

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Some Information About Wood Flooring

Oak is very common, but several other species work nicely in homes, including cherry, bamboo, pine, and other exotic woods. One of the most important

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Blog, Insects

What are those creepy spider-looking bugs in my basement?

Hopefully, you haven’t seen these. They’re called Spider Crickets because they look like a combination of spiders and crickets all in one big

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Anderson Window Cranks Often Need Repair

In the last 20 years, we have done over 18,000 inspections. Many of the homes we’ve inspected have older Anderson Casement windows. (Casement

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