Tree ripped out of the ground
Blog, Yard

Is there a tree threatening your house?

Do you have any trees that are threatening your home?  Based on the last storm, we know how quick the wind can whip up and knock over a bunch of

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Radon Tesing Sign
Blog, Radon

Should I be concerned about Radon?

Radon is a colorless, tasteless, and odorless gas produced by decaying uranium in the bedrock that can filter into the soil around the foundation and

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Worker inspecting pipes
Blog, Heating and Cooling

Thinking about converting from Oil to Gas?

During our Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens home inspections, we often hear from our clients that they prefer gas over oil and anticipate that they

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Blog, Building Science

What does “STACK EFFECT” mean?

The “stack effect” is a term used in building science which means the whole structure acts like a chimney, simply because warm air rises.  So,

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Oil Tank
Blog, Commercial Properties

What is a VAV Box in a commercial building?

VAV stands for Variable Air Volume.  A VAV box controls airflow in commercial and can be a frequent cause of space temperature issues in commercial

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Blog, Flooring

Engineered Hardwood Floors versus Solid Hardwood Floors

While doing our Long Island and New York City home inspections, we are often asked “What’s the difference between solid hardwood flooring versus

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Roof Shingles
Blog, Roofing and Gutters

Is it okay to have 2 or 3 Layers of Roofing?

During our home inspections, we often see more than one layer of roof shingles.  In fact, sometimes we see 3 or 4 layers of roofing materials which

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Blog, Safety

Are your Stairs and Handrails safe?

In almost every inspection we see stairs or railings missing handrails or balusters (spindles).  I think about it like this: picture someone

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Blog, Safety

What you should know about Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Like everything else in our technological world, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are getting smarter and better. In my opinion, the best

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Blue sky through skylight

Do Skylights always leak?

No, skylights don’t always leak, but, they often do.  No matter how good the skylights are, and how well they were installed, they are prone to

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Icey flood
Blog, Building Science

Freeze-Thaw Cycle

When we do our inspections on Long Island in the winter, the temperatures typically hover between 20° and 40° which means that water is continually

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Swimming Pool
Blog, Safety

Swimming Pool Safety

As horrible and sad as it is, every once in a while we all hear about a child that drowned in a swimming pool.  More than likely, if the proper

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