Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are large black insects that look like a bumblebee only they are larger.  They can sting if provoked.  As you probably know, Carpenter bees can do some serious damage over time.  Especially with the help of woodpeckers.  Carpenter bees drill holes that look like an actual power tool did it because it’s perfectly round.  About 3/8 of an inch in diameter.  They continue drilling and then make a 90° turn and a tunnel about 4 to 8 inches long.  Then they lay their eggs.

Of course, woodpeckers are smart, and they know there is a nice meal waiting for them in the wood.  So, they peck away and open up the tunnel to access the eggs.  Over a few years, the damage can get quite excessive, and the wood can get to the point where it needs replacement/repairs.

If there is exposed wood anywhere on the exterior of the structure, the chances are rather good that there is some Carpenter bee damage. Fortunately, exterminators can control infestations using various methods.  If you hire an exterminator, make sure you are getting a knowledgeable technician that knows how to deal with them properly.

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