Installing a flexible steel flue liner into a chimney during a wood burning stove installation, UK

Metal Chimney Liner for Gas Conversion

When a home is converted from oil to gas as a fuel for heating, a new metal liner is required in the chimney.

Why?  Oil burners produce relatively dry gases that exit the home through the chimney.  Clay liners hold up very well with an oil burner.  However, if you convert to gas, warm moist air is produced which can become acidic and condense inside the chimney, which in turn, can deteriorate the clay liner.  That’s why metal inserts are required upon a conversion from oil to gas.  Without the metal chimney liner, the clay can deteriorate and create blockages in the chimney.  Although it’s rare, blockages in the chimney can cause carbon monoxide and possibly, even a fire in the home.

During our home inspections, we often see a conversion to gas without a metal liner having been installed.  We always make the recommendation to have a chimney contractor install a metal liner in the chimney for safety reasons.

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