A sample of decorative artificial stone. Natural stone texture for kitchen countertops and floors. Finishing materials.

Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops

The material used for kitchen and bath countertops can impact the home’s value. For example, some people consider laminate (Formica) inferior, which may negatively impact the home’s value. While granite, marble, quartz, and concrete may improve the home’s value.

Many materials are available for kitchen countertops, but this list represents the most common.

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Laminate

Things to consider when selecting a countertop material:

  • Porosity – Is the material porous and prone to staining? Does it need to be regularly sealed against staining?
  • Hardness – is the material hard, making it resistant to scratch or damage?
  • How heavy is it – Will it require support in the basement?
  • Does it require professional installation?
  • What is the range of colors and patterns available?
  • Is there an impact on the value of the home?
  • What is the cost (including installation) of the material compared to other materials?
  • Will the material bring positive comments from visitors?

There are too many characteristics of the various materials to list here, but hopefully, this information will benefit you while considering what to purchase.

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