This home inspection can be supplemented with a one-year renewable home warranty. The warranty is offered by HomeGauge (a national home inspection software provider) in conjunction with Global Home USA. Safe Harbor Inspections Inc. receives no compensation associated with this warranty and is not associated, owned by, or controlled by either of these companies. As you would expect, the policy covers items that fail or become defective after the home inspection. But the warrantee program is unique in that it also provides coverage even for items that were defective but were unable to be detected or were missed by the Home Inspector at the time of the inspection. The warranty can be purchased for up to 90 days after the home inspection takes place. It can be paid for at the closing table and sometimes can even be included in the mortgage loan.

Items included in the one year home warranty if purchased are: Furnaces, Boilers, Heat Pumps, Central Air Conditioners, Electrical System, Thermostats, Water heater System, Plumbing, Polybutylene lines, Sump Pump, WhirlPools, Dishwasher, Food Waste Disposer, Cooking Range/Oven, Microwave, Kitchen Refrigerator, Trash Compactor, Plumbing Fixtures and Faucets, Domestic Water Softener, Clearing of Line Stoppage, Well Water System, Refrigerant Recapture and Disposal, Permits in conjunction with a covered repair, Code Violations in conjunction with a covered repair, Improper installation or modification, Removal of defective equipment, Fireplace gas burner, Attic and Exhaust fans, Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, Electronic Air Filtering Devices, Doorbell System, Lighting Fixtures, Septic Lines, Ejector pump.

For more information and to compare warranties or purchase this warranty, please click on the links at the end of this paragraph (you will need your log-in info for your report) or on the Warranty offer beside your uploaded report at the HomeGuage website (this is where you view your report on-line). The warranty program is highly recommended by Safe Harbor Inspections Inc because it gives you a level of protection that can not, and will not be covered by Safe Harbor (because the inspection by itself is not a warranty pursuant to the pre-inspection agreement that you signed and agreed to). This warranty program is specifically designed for clients that have received a home inspection and ultimately purchased the home. If you elect not to purchase this warranty, do not expect Safe Harbor Inspections Inc. to act as a warranty company. Again, your inspection should not be construed as a warranty