Homeowner Maintenance

Home Owner Maintenance ChecklistSpringFallAs Needed
Grounds Maintenance   
Keep soil and paved surfaces sloped away from the housex x
Fill and grade all sink holes or depressions that can collect waterxx 
Keep basement window wells, drywell drains, storm drains clear and functionalxx 
Keep soil in basement window well at least six inches below bottom of windowx x
Soil should be kept at least six inches below siding whenever possiblexx 
Caulk all basement windows and consider plastic weather guardsx  
Vines/Ivy should not be allowed to grow on exterior wallsxx 
Keep firewood away from house and/or garagexxx
Drain underground sprinkler system before winter and turn off supply x 
Drain outside water lines and hose bibs before winter and turn off supply x 
Clean around sprinkler heads, turn on water and check system for proper operationx  
Repair all cracked or deteriorated paved surfaces and masonry structuresx  
Seal asphalt driveway surface every two yearsx  
Inspect wood decks, fences, and stairways and repair as needed.x  
Roof and Roof Structures   
Inspect sloped roofs and repair or replace any missing or damaged shinglesx x
Inspect flat roofs for cracking and repair as needed. Joints require periodic sealingx x
Lifted, poorly fitting and damaged flashing must be repairedx x
Chimneys must be inspected and cleaned x 
Cracked mortar joints on chimney must be repointed x 
Joint between chimney and siding should be sealedx  
Gutters and downspouts must be cleanedxx 
Direct all downspouts at least six feet away from house  x
Exterior Walls, Windows and Doors   
All cracked, damaged, loose or missing shingles should be replacedx x
Mortar joints on brick siding should be checked for cracks and repointed as needed  x
Any deteriorated/damaged wood trim should be replaced  x
All wood trim/siding/framing should be properly sealed or painted  x
Check all windows/doors for proper caulking and replace as necessaryx x
Keep garage door tracks/rollers properly lubricated  x
Basement and CrawlspaceSpringFallAs Needed
Check exterior walls for signs of moisture (white powder, discoloration)xx 
If a sump pump is present, test periodicallyxx 
Check exposed wood framing for termites, or termite shelter tubesx  
Electrical System   
Check for loose connection or open/exposed wires  x
Install cover plate on any open switches/outlets/junction boxes  x
Inspect outside Service entrance cable for deterioration, replace if necessaryx x
Label all circuit breakers at all panels  x
Trip all circuit breakers at least once per yearx  
Plumbing System   
Repair any leaks at sinks, faucets, shower heads and pipes/valves in basement  x
Repair bad flush mechanisms (toilets)  x
Keep tub/shower and sink drains clear and functioning  x
Inspect ceilings under bathrooms/kitchens for signs of leaks  x
Replace cracked/deteriorated grout and caulking in bathrooms  x
Perform cesspool/septic system inspection every few years  x
Heating and Electrical   
System should be cleaned/inspected at beginning of each season (service contract)xx 
Check boiler, all heat piping, radiators and valves for leaks. Repair as needed x 
Forced air heat systems should be balanced to ensure even temp throughout house x 
Interior Rooms and Attic   
Repair cracks, holes, or nail pops in any plaster or sheetrock walls and repaintxx 
Repair sagging or sticking doors, cabinets, drawers  x
Clean kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans of any dust or grimexx 
Replace any worn caulking at moldings/bathrooms  x
Keep attic vents clear and screened for proper ventilation of roof structurexx 
Check underside of roof covering for any signs of water intrusionxx 
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