Home Owner Maintenance Checklist Spring Fall As Needed
Grounds Maintenance      
Keep soil and paved surfaces sloped away from the house x   x
Fill and grade all sink holes or depressions that can collect water x x  
Keep basement window wells, drywell drains, storm drains clear and functional x x  
Keep soil in basement window well at least six inches below bottom of window x   x
Soil should be kept at least six inches below siding whenever possible x x  
Caulk all basement windows and consider plastic weather guards x    
Vines/Ivy should not be allowed to grow on exterior walls x x  
Keep firewood away from house and/or garage x x x
Drain underground sprinkler system before winter and turn off supply   x  
Drain outside water lines and hose bibs before winter and turn off supply   x  
Clean around sprinkler heads, turn on water and check system for proper operation x    
Repair all cracked or deteriorated paved surfaces and masonry structures x    
Seal asphalt driveway surface every two years x    
Inspect wood decks, fences, and stairways and repair as needed. x    
Roof and Roof Structures      
Inspect sloped roofs and repair or replace any missing or damaged shingles x   x
Inspect flat roofs for cracking and repair as needed. Joints require periodic sealing x   x
Lifted, poorly fitting and damaged flashing must be repaired x   x
Chimneys must be inspected and cleaned   x  
Cracked mortar joints on chimney must be repointed   x  
Joint between chimney and siding should be sealed x    
Gutters and downspouts must be cleaned x x  
Direct all downspouts at least six feet away from house     x
Exterior Walls, Windows and Doors      
All cracked, damaged, loose or missing shingles should be replaced x   x
Mortar joints on brick siding should be checked for cracks and repointed as needed     x
Any deteriorated/damaged wood trim should be replaced     x
All wood trim/siding/framing should be properly sealed or painted     x
Check all windows/doors for proper caulking and replace as necessary x   x
Keep garage door tracks/rollers properly lubricated     x
Basement and Crawlspace Spring Fall As Needed
Check exterior walls for signs of moisture (white powder, discoloration) x x  
If a sump pump is present, test periodically x x  
Check exposed wood framing for termites, or termite shelter tubes x    
Electrical System      
Check for loose connection or open/exposed wires     x
Install cover plate on any open switches/outlets/junction boxes     x
Inspect outside Service entrance cable for deterioration, replace if necessary x   x
Label all circuit breakers at all panels     x
Trip all circuit breakers at least once per year x    
Plumbing System      
Repair any leaks at sinks, faucets, shower heads and pipes/valves in basement     x
Repair bad flush mechanisms (toilets)     x
Keep tub/shower and sink drains clear and functioning     x
Inspect ceilings under bathrooms/kitchens for signs of leaks     x
Replace cracked/deteriorated grout and caulking in bathrooms     x
Perform cesspool/septic system inspection every few years     x
Heating and Electrical      
System should be cleaned/inspected at beginning of each season (service contract) x x  
Check boiler, all heat piping, radiators and valves for leaks. Repair as needed   x  
Forced air heat systems should be balanced to ensure even temp throughout house   x  
Interior Rooms and Attic      
Repair cracks, holes, or nail pops in any plaster or sheetrock walls and repaint x x  
Repair sagging or sticking doors, cabinets, drawers     x
Clean kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans of any dust or grime x x  
Replace any worn caulking at moldings/bathrooms     x
Keep attic vents clear and screened for proper ventilation of roof structure x x  
Check underside of roof covering for any signs of water intrusion x x  
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