Safe Harbor Inspections Inc. COVID-19 (phase 2) Policy
and the NYSAR guidance document

Here is Safe Harbor Inspections Inc. COVID-19 policy. Also, here is a link to the NYSAR advisory document:

As I’m sure you know, (NYSAR) encourages only one party (e.g. building inspector, home appraiser, prospective tenant/buyer, photographer, stager) to be allowed inside the property at a time. Of course, Safe Harbor Inspections Inc. cooperates with this policy.

In addition, in light of the current pandemic climate we are asking that all Property Owners/Tenants  please sign a Hold Harmless agreement prior to us entering the home. It is vital that this document be signed before we begin the inspection. (If the property is vacant, we do not need one.)

Safe Harbor Inspections Inc. has a professional policy and a procedures protocol for performing inspections as outlined by the CDC during this period of dealing with Covid-19.Our protocol is simple but well thought out and includes the public advice given by various federal, state, and local agencies which are as follows:

Inspectors will aim to keep a 6-foot distance with any persons they come in contact with during the inspection (clients, friends and family, real estate agents, and sellers).

Personal contact such as handshaking will be avoided.

Before each inspection, all tools and equipment to be used during the inspection will be sanitized.

Medical gloves, booties and masks are to be worn at all times during the entire interior inspection. 

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