Do you have the responsibility for the sidewalks along your street?

During our inspections we often see tripping hazards on the sidewalk along the street. Usually, these tripping hazards are caused by tree roots lifting up sections of the sidewalk. We mention it during our inspections and often get asked “whose responsibility is it”?  The answer is it depends on the particular municipality. Many municipalities make it the responsibility of the property owner, and some municipalities take on the responsibility themselves. If you happen to be in a jurisdiction where the property owner is responsible for the sidewalk, and then someone trips and falls, the property owner may have liability and not even be aware of it.

So, if the sidewalk in front of your home or commercial property has tripping hazards, we recommend checking with your local jurisdiction to find out who is responsible. Obviously, regardless of who is responsible, it should be repaired anyway, for safety’s sake.

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