Collapsed Garage Roof

Spray foam insulation in the attic

Collin and Rich

Possible asbestos pipe insulation

Improper dryer vent installation

Electrocuted Mouse in Electrical Panel

 Old galvanized waste pipe under the slab that the washer fed into

Heading out to Fire Island for an inspection

This might look like something from the movie Ghost Busters but it is actually Mark dressed up and ready for the crawl space!

Hot water temperature

Double tapped electrical circuit 

Dock inspection

Dock inspection

rodent activity

Mold determined after testing

Attic opening to exterior

Evidence of animal activity in attic

Moss on the roof

Possible lead based paint

Collin inspecting a crawl space

Collin coming out of the crawl space

In a vacant flip the electric meter was missing and the electric was jumped with a small piece of wire. This was theft of electricity and a fire hazard.

Mary Alice and Jim Company Summer Celebration 2018

Collin, Mary Alice and Jim Company Summer Celebration 2018

Rotten steel girder which holds up the house

Thermal image for baseboard heating

Thermal image of radiant floor heating system

Collin, Ryan and Nick

How not to install a garage door opener

November 2021 Jim speaking at a 1st time Home Buyer’s seminar

November 2021 1st time Home Buyer handouts

Leaning chimney inward towards the house.

1931 block wall construction. Major horizontal cracking.

Wrong DIY automatic garage door opener installation.

Wrong DIY automatic garage door opener  installation.

Vines growing up the electric meter.