What is a Healthy Home Inspection? The healthy home inspection is a thorough inspection of your home comprised of two parts:

List of Safety and Health Hazards

The Health Component

The Safety Component

– A visual inspection for surface mold

– Air sampling for mold spores

– A visual inspection for PACM (possible asbestos containing material)

– Water testing for lead, E.coli and Coliform

– electric panel safety

– presence of aluminum wires

– presence of GFCI outlets

– heating system (includes visual of system plus CO test)

– visual inspection for presence and location of CO and smoke detectors

– proper emergency egress

What you get at the end of this inspection is a thorough understanding of the environment you and your family live in. You can feel comfortable that the water is clean and healthy and that the air is clean and healthy. You will also know about any and all potential safety hazards that exist in your house.

– radon testing

– lead paint tests

– Additional water tests

– lab testing of Asbestos found at inspection

– Indoor air quality – indoor allergens –cockroach, pet dander, dust mites

– Inspection for presence of rodents

– VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)

– Inspection for Formaldehyde in household materials/products

– handrails/guardrails/steps

– deck structure

– floor structure

– attic structure

– check all accessible outlets/lights

– Tripping hazards

– Check trees/limbs for safety and health

– Condition of retaining walls