Hire an independent home inspector to protect your financial interests after Hurricane Sandy

After Hurricane Sandy, get your own independent home inspection

Since Super Hurricane Sandy wreaked her damage on Long Island, we have been asked to perform inspections for victims in order to document what particular physical components of the home need or needed to be replaced on an emergency basis. This involves looking at heating, air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical, structural conditions, appliances, roofing, walls and insulation, and any other systems that may have become compromised as a result of saltwater intrusion or wind/rain damage. By getting your own independent inspection, you will have photographic evidence of the conditions that existed at the time of the inspection. Even if certain repairs have been made prior to the inspection, the inspection report can properly document the situation for the authorities. This can ultimately help you obtain the best financial assistance available under the circumstances, whether it be from the government or from private insurance companies. It is to your benefit to obtain an independent inspection from a New York State licensed home Inspector who will act as your consultant and for your benefit.

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