How hot should your Water be?

Domestic hot water should be approximately 115 to 120°F. Much hotter than that can cause scalding, especially with children and the elderly. You can check your water temperature with a common kitchen thermometer.

Sometimes we see hot water well above the standards. Even up to 160°. So let’s say you turn on the faucet in the shower and the temperature is too cold. So you turn on more hot water. You’re under the impression that the temperature is right but in reality it’s much hotter than it should be. A child climbs into the shower and gets burned.

The temperature of the hot water on most water heaters can be adjusted with a dial. But sometimes with a “tankless coil” water heater, located inside the boiler, and not installed properly, there is no way to adjust the temperature. This is where we see the temperature so hot that it can cause burning. The temperature on these water heaters also fluctuates a lot when somebody turns on a second faucet or the clothes washer turns on. If you’re experiencing this condition, we recommend getting a licensed plumber to do what needs to be done to correct the water heater temperature.

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