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How much is a New Roof?

One of the more expensive items that come up during our home inspections are old roofs that need replacement older style basic 3-tab shingles have a life expectancy of approximately 20 years. Newer style “architectural” shingles (the most common these days) have a life expectancy of about 30 years and are much more attractive. There are upgraded architectural shingles available that can have a life expectancy of 50 or more years. Slate roofs can last hundreds of years!

Is a new roof really needed?  Perfectly good roofs sometimes leak around chimneys or other penetrations. Sometimes roofs have mechanical damage from falling branches, and wind. So, they can be dealt with by repairs rather than replacement. Roof repairs can be in the hundreds of dollars while roof replacement is thousands of dollars.

According to several websites, the average roof replacement performed by licensed and qualified roofing contractors for a typical 2,500 SF ranch style house ranges between $7,000 and $13,000 (architectural style shingles). This includes removing the existing roof shingles, which is highly recommended for longevity and is required by the shingle manufacturer in-order to honor the warranty.

Of course, there are many variables in the pricing, but I hope this basic information is of benefit to you.

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