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Hurricane Tree Damage to Homes on Long Island – how to prevent damage in the future

There have been hundreds, perhaps thousands of homes on Long Island that sustained damage from trees falling on houses during recent hurricanes. The damage ranges from minor to total destruction of the home. The repairs may be as simple as replacing a gutter, or something more substantial such as replacement of framing members in the structure.

Framing damage to a roof for example will require removal of the roofing shingles, removal of the plywood sheathing, and then removal of the damaged framing. Removal of the damaged framing requires very special expertise and usually special bracing in order to avoid more damage and even a partial collapse of the structure.

A general contractor is usually the way to go when having someone make substantial repairs. Make sure the contractor is licensed and insured. Check with the Better Business Bureau, and only pay enough of a down payment to get the contractor started. If the repairs are minor, a handyman can likely get the work done.

Large trees around the house should get checked every few years by a qualified tree specialist, otherwise known as an Arborist. An Arborist can truly assess the trees to make sure of their health and structural condition. As I’ve been doing home inspections on Long Island after Hurricane Sandy I’ve seen many trees that have fallen with hollow cores – no solid wood in the center of the tree trunk. The trees look normal from the outside, but are in fragile condition. That’s why an Arborist should check their condition on a regular basis.

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