Heat Pump


A Hybrid HVAC system uses an efficient electric heat pump and a furnace or boiler (gas or oil powered).  The heat pump warms the home very efficiently when the outside temperature is above about 40°.  Below about 40°, the furnace or boiler kicks in, and the heat pump shuts off.  So, based on the outside temperature, the system automatically switches to the most efficient heat source.

These systems cost more initially, but they will save you money for years.  The energy savings are substantial.  In addition, because the entire system is under less stress than a conventional system, the equipment will likely last longer.  By the way, these systems also reduce greenhouse gases and the impact on climate change.

There are a few different combinations of equipment that should be considered.  For instance, the system can include a high-efficiency boiler or furnace, which saves you even more money.  When it’s time to replace your HVAC, we recommend you investigate installing a hybrid.  A knowledgeable HVAC contractor is a must when considering these alternative systems, so we recommend getting a few proposals to hear different alternatives from qualified HVAC companies.

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