Tree ripped out of the ground

Is there a tree threatening your house?

Do you have any trees that are threatening your home?  Based on the last storm, we know how quick the wind can whip up and knock over a bunch of trees.  And just because a tree didn’t fall during the last storm doesn’t mean it won’t fall in the next storm.

There are often no signs of a problem with the tree until it falls and gets cut open.  Often, the interior of the tree is completely rotted making the tree very weak.

Our recommendation is to remove any trees that are threatening the house, period.  It’s not worth taking the chance of having a tree fall on your house and worse yet having the tree hit you or your family members.

So, look at the tree from a distance and see what the worst-case scenario is if the tree falls.  Can it reach your house?

Check out the video link to see a tree that was completely rotted on the inside but looked healthy on the outside.

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