Point of Demarcation

During our inspections, we are often asked “is that the utility company’s responsibility or mine?” The answer is, between the street and the structure, there is a “Point of Demarcation”. Typically, for electricity, it’s where the wires connect to the Structure, and for gas, it’s where the gas line connects to the gas meter. For water, it’s at the water meter.

So, from the Point of Demarcation out to the street, it’s the utility company’s responsibility. From the Point of Demarcation into the structure, it’s the owner’s responsibility. So, PSE&G has a responsibility for the power lines up to the point where it connects to the structure.  And the gas and water companies, have responsibility from the street all the way up to the meter.

So, for example, if the wires are damaged in the owner’s yard, it’s the responsibility of the utility company. If there is a problem between the gas/water meter and the street, it is the utility company’s responsibility. From the meters into the structure, it is the owner’s responsibility. The Points of Demarcation can vary depending on the location, but what I said above, is typical.

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