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Pre-Market Inspections

Pre-marketing inspections can make the buyers inspection process go smoother and put more money in the seller’s pocket.

Here’s how it works: before the house goes on the MLS, a pre-marketing inspection takes place, and the findings of the pre-marketing inspection are explained by the inspector and reviewed with the seller and the listing agent. In addition, a detailed report is generated by the home inspection company. If defects come up as a result of a pre-marketing inspection, the seller has the opportunity to take 1 of 3 approaches,  1) disclose it, 2) fix it, or 3) do nothing.

Here’s a short video explaining it

  1.  Here’s the first approach, disclose it and sell “as is”. Let’s say the roof is 30 years old and deteriorated. The seller can disclose it to the buyer and sell it on an as is basis (having disclosed the defect). So, when the buyers inspector says the roof needs to be replaced, the buyer would say “yeah, I know, the seller already told me”. This avoids an attempt by the buyer to negotiate the roof issue and could save the seller money and aggravation.

  2.  Here’s the second approach, fix it. Let’s say the pre-marketing inspection discovers termites. This gives the seller the opportunity to get a termite
    treatment and take the issue off the table. Let everybody know up front that there was a termite treatment, the issue disappears. Otherwise, it could be a real sticking point with the buyer. This approach can be used for a plumbing leak or an electrical safety hazard, for example.

  3.  Here’s the third approach, do nothing. The pre-marketing inspection report recommends GFCI outlets in the bathrooms and kitchen. The seller can let it ride and do nothing because it’s so minor. Many times, very minor issues come up during an inspection for which the seller need do nothing but anticipate that it may come up during the buyers inspection.

 Sometimes during a buyer’s inspection an issue comes up that surprises everybody. Sometimes, the surprise can cause the buyer to walk away. Pre-marketing inspections eliminate surprises.

Pre-marketing inspections can reduce negotiations and put more money in the seller’s pocket. Pre-marketing inspections can eliminate surprises. Pre marketing inspections can make the buyers inspection go smoother, with less aggravation.

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