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Readily accessible as it pertains to New York State home inspections

Many people feel it’s the inspector’s job to move furniture, appliances, and other personal items to inspect a particular component. However, New York State license law says otherwise. Home Inspectors are not required to inspect anything that is not readily accessible.

What does readily accessible mean? It means “available for visual inspection without requiring the home inspector to remove or dismantle any personal property, use destructive measures, or take any action which will likely involve risk to persons or property.”

For example, if the attic access is blocked by clothing in a closet or a refrigerator in the garage, it may force an inspector to exclude the attic in the inspection report.

Sometimes the inspector must make an appointment to reinspect an attic or other area of the house or component because of the buyer’s concerns. (Nobody likes to book a second inspection.) Therefore, we recommend that sellers make all areas as accessible as possible. By the way, the seller should move or protect clothing in a closet if that’s where the access to the attic is.

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