Real Estate expected Useful Life Chart

When it comes to real estate, people often talk about the “expected useful life” of components.  So, I thought it might be helpful for you to have chart that gives some actual time frames.  Keep in mind that because there are so many variables, expected useful life numbers are just best guesses.  This one is from Florida but it’s still pretty good.

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Equipment and Material Life Expectancy Chart

Air conditioning compressor12 to 15 years
Asphalt driveways20 to 25 years
Fiberglass/asphalt roof shingles20 to 25 years
Architectural fiberglass/asphalt roof shingles25 to 35 years
Boilers, hot water or steam25 to 40 years
Brick and concrete patios15 to 25 years
Brick and stone walls50 to 100 years
Built-up roofing, asphalt15 to 20 years
Cast-iron sinks15 to 20 years
Central air-conditioning unit15 to 20 years
Clothing dryers10 to 15 years
Clothing washer12 to 15 years
Concrete block foundations100+ years
Concrete walks10 to 20 years
Dishwashers10 to 15 years
Electric ranges10 to 15 years
Exhaust fans5 to 10 years
Faucets10 to 15 years
Fences10 to 15 years
Floor tile30 to 40 years
Forced air furnaces, heat pumps15 to 20 years
Freezers10 to 20 years
Garage door openers8 to 12 years
Garage doors20 to 25 years
Garbage disposals8 to 10 years
Gutters and downspouts15 to 20 years
Microwave ovens10 to 15 years
Ovens and cooktops10 to 20 years
Poured concrete foundations100+ years
Refrigerators10 to 15 years
Rooftop air conditioners15 to 20 years
Siding, aluminum20 to 40 years
Siding, vinyl30 to 45 years
Siding, wood25 to 40 years
Slate roofs40 to 100 years
Smoke detectors10 years
Sprinkler systems10 to 15 years
Stucco20 to 40+ years
Sump pumps5 to 10 years
Swimming pools15 to 20 years
Termite treatment5 to 7 years
Termite treatment, bait StationsIndefinitely if being maintained
Waste pipes, cast-iron50 to 70 years
Water heaters – conventional

Water heaters – indirect fired

Water heaters – high efficiency

8 to 12 years

12 to 20 years

12 to 15 years

Window AC units5 to 10 years
Wooden decks10 to 20 years