Heat Loss Detection of the House With Infrared Thermal Camera

Should home inspectors have infrared cameras?

Infrared cameras can “see” temperatures of objects immediately and at somewhat of a distance. So, an inspector can walk into a room and immediately see if the HVAC system is putting out warm or cool air (depending on the season). An infrared camera can also help identify water leaks, hot water temperatures, and a slew of other things, like being able to see the location and functionality of radiant heat pipes in floors, missing attic or wall insulation, and a lot of other items. They can even speed up inspections.

The bad news is, they are expensive. A good quality camera for use in a home inspection can range from $5,000-$15,000. In addition, inspectors also need to be trained to interpret the camera results properly.

Infrared cameras are not required by New York State, and a good inspector can still do a good inspection without using an infrared camera. However, these are good tools and may pick up a problem that otherwise could not have been detected. For that reason, Safe Harbor Inspections Inc. has elected to provide all 10 of our inspectors with infrared cameras.

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