Close-up Of A Shocked Woman Looking At Mold On Wall

So what’s the story with Mold?

Many of our inspection clients (especially first-time homebuyers) are concerned about the presence of mold. Especially if they have young children.

There’s mold in the air wherever we go, even outside. But if there is a lot of mold inside, it may cause health issues.If there’s a musty smell, usually it’s because there’s mold. It can grow on cardboard, sheetrock, wood, carpets, clothing, etc. Anything organic, including dust.

If it’s a fairly small area, less than 10 square feet, it can be dealt with by a homeowner. A mixture of 10% bleach and 90% water in a spray bottle can do the trick. There are lots of DIY mold cleaning products available in home improvement stores.

If it’s a larger area, you should call a New York State licensed Mold Assessor who will analyze the situation and write a prescription (report) for curing the issue. (The assessor is forbidden to remediate because of the conflict of interest.)

A Mold Assessor typically takes swabs (samples) of the mold and does air tests in order to determine the extent and type of mold. The test materials get sent to a lab and ultimately the Mold Assessor will advise you what to do. Once you have the Assessor’s report, you can have a Remediator do the work.

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