exterior of a modern two story house with stucco.  There is a two car garage with a concrete driveway.  The house is in a development in the suburbs.

Synthetic Stucco can be problematic

Synthetic stucco also called Exterior Insulated Finish System (EIFS) has positive attributes:

  1. Less expensive than conventional stucco
  2. Fairly easy and fast to install
  3. Can provide a very attractive appearance to the exterior of the home
  4. Economically provides the appearance of expensive masonry details

Unfortunately, EIFS can be problematic:

  1. Moisture and water intrusion can create mold and wood rot inside the walls, EIFS tends ot hold onto moisture.
  2. The wood rot can ultimately create structural issues.
  3. It’s very important to seal all penetrations (electrical outlets, dryer vents, window frames, door frames)
  4. Poor workmanship is very common. The material must be installed exactly as recommended by the manufacturer. Even then it can be problematic.
  5. There have been class-action lawsuits associated with EIFS

As a result of the concern, most inspectors will recommend further evaluation of the EIFS by a specialist. EIFS inspections are performed by specifically trained inspectors with specialized tools. EIFS inspections can be time-consuming and invasive.

Usually, the presence of EIFS doesn’t develop into a serious issue, but sometimes it does.

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