Cricket Character Illustration Clipart

What are those creepy spider-looking bugs in my basement?

Hopefully, you haven’t seen these. They’re called Spider Crickets because they look like a combination of spiders and crickets all in one big ugly bug. No question about it, they are ugly, and I purposely didn’t put a picture of them in this Newsletter.

They like dark and moist spaces, like crawlspaces and basements. Fortunately, they don’t bite, sting, or cause damage. But they can reproduce in substantial quantities. I’ve personally seen over 50 of them in one crawlspace.

How do you get rid of them? Spread out a few packages of glue strips around the perimeter of the crawlspace or basement (or wherever they are). Glue strips are available at most home goods stores. Or, better yet, have an exterminator professionally deal with the issue.


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