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  • A not-so-good situation is when warm, humid air comes in contact with cold surfaces inside of a building. Condensation can occur, resulting in water droplets forming on the surface, just like when water droplets form on a cold beverage while sitting outside on a humid summer day. This can occur on concrete walls/floors, air conditioning ductwork or water piping. This situation can occur during a warm, humid day if basement windows are open. Humidity can build up in a basement even when the windows are closed which is why it is important to keep a dehumidifier running throughout the summer months. It can also happen if air conditioning vents are not properly insulated. Many combinations of this process happen in homes and buildings. This can lead to mold or wood rot and is a condition you should try to avoid whenever possible.
  • So when is Condensation good? New high-efficiency boilers and water heaters take advantage of the fact that heat is released when condensation occurs. So this new equipment is designed to capture the heat released from condensation inside a heating unit or water heater. This “second step” results in substantially higher efficiency in these types of systems.

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